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Tour Duration : One Day

It is very standard private tour and very suitable who wants to explore only the heart of Yangon(Rangoon).Especially NO RUSH


In the morning (You can adjust starting time and your private tour guide will be ready at your lobby because NO RUSH ).Your tour guide will give you pre information before you start.


Colonial City tour : Myanmar (Burma) was under British about 121 years and we have got independence from British on 4th-January-1948 but 130 British colonial building are still remaining in Yangon.Let’s explore.


Yangon-Dala Ferry Experience: It is ferry riding between Yangon and  Dala where is other side of Yangon river.


Drink Break at The Governor’s Residence : After colonial working tour, let’s have a drink at the Governor’s Residence where is lovely place of Yangon.


Day Break : but if you want to go restaurant or somewhere in Yangon,your guide and car are stand by.

In the Evening,let’s explore the Great ShweDaGon Pagoda.It was for 2607 years.The best time to visit ShweDaGon Pagoda is just  45 minutes before 100% dark time but we respect your decision.


After ShweDaGone Pagoda,we will send you back to your hotel .



During a day, if you prefer to visit some more places, our tour guide and car service are standby.


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