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Myanmar is situated in South-East-Asia and bordered with Thailand,Laos,China, India and Bangladesh. The total area of Myanmar is 261228 sq miles  or  677,000 sq km.From North to South is 1275 miles(2051km) long and 581 miles (936 km)  wide from East to West.Myanmar shares a 2185 km border with China.The second-longest border is sharedwith Thailand(1800 km) followed by India(1463Km),Laos (235km) and Bangladesh (193 km).Myanmar also owns two different sea side that  Andaman Sea in southern part and Bay of Bengal where western part of Myanmar.


The lowest point of Myanmar is Andaman sea ( Zero metre) and the highest point is Mt.Hkakabo Razi in Kachin state,at 5881 metre above sea level.


Myanmar has a largely tropical climate with three seasons. Hot Season, Rainny Season and Cold Season. During the cold season,temperature is generally lower in the mountain regions.

Natural Resources

Myanmar is rich in natural resources including petroleum,timber,tin.antimony,zinc,copper,tungsten,lead,coal,marble,limestone,precious stones and natural gas.

Time Different

Myanmar is 6 and ½ hours ahead of Greenwish Mean Time (GMT). 5 and ½ hours ahead of Paris.It is 1 and ½ hour behind of HK,Singapore, China and Malaysia, 2 and ½ hours behind of Japan,30 minutes behind of Bangkok.


The local currency is Kyat (Pronounced like “ Chat” if you can’t ).Money exchange counter are available at airport and tourist cities area.


Myanmar ATM are working Credit cards and you can withdraw only local currency that one million kyats within every 24 hours. The most popular ATM are KBZ bank,CB bank and AYA bank.Visa and Master are quite okay.


In Myanmar,mainly we use GSM and three different Sim Card companies are available.Namely, MPT,TELENOR and OOREDOO.All are 4G network.WIFI is okay at every hotel in tourist cities.The price of the local Sim Card is just ONE USD +..


ELECTRICITY ( Myanmar uses a 230-volt 50-cycle AC system ).


14 countries have agreed VISA FREE, Six countries can use VISA ON ARRIVAL and Online Visa applying is quite easy too.Please enter at www.myanmarvisa.com , if you would like to know more information.