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How to became the name of Travels & Tours in Myanmar

In 1850 AD or about  170 years ago, an 18 years old novice leaving the service of his religion, travelled from the centre of Burma to the region searching for work. He arrived first at Dar Pain village near Rangoon. He became employed by one farmer working to cultivate his farm.

       His name was Ga Done Lay. In Burmese a young with a shaven head. It was easy to call him according to his figure. That’s why his real name was disappeared. He was a hard worker and devout to his religion. He worked hard and showed his dedication and worth and soon he was well-respected by all that knew him. So much so, that farmers competed to have him in their employ for the next season because of his honesty and hard work.

      After a few years, he married the daughter of a working family because he had worked hard and saved and invested wisely. He own more than 100 acres of rice land and more and 100 oxen and water buffalo. When Ga Done Lay became a father and he was now called U Ga Done. Capital U is the title of a man that adult age in Burma.

     The British came to Rangoon in 1824 AD and the country  was in turmoil until 1852 AD. The bombing was so hard in the area that U Ga Done lived. He moved from Dar Pain village to U Yin Taw village 150 miles from Rangoon to near Taungoo. A lot of people followed  U Ga Done because he was very trusted by the people.

     U Ga Done was now the leader of the refugees. Still after the move ,U Ga Done thought it was not safe in this area. So he led the group to the east of Phyu. When they reach a place that was favourable to growing rice and far from bombing. U Ga Done decided it was the place to stay.

    As the leader of refugees, U Ga Done found work for everyone and they built a village. U Ga Done travelled to nearby village and introduced himself creating goodwill in the region. As more refugees moved around the country ,they searched for U Ga Done and his village. The village was never named.

       Over time, U Ga Done built a pagoda, and dug a small lake. He built an ordination hall and monastery. Later he created a family tree in stone inscription mentioning each name of his whole family by Burmese language. When U Ga Done grew old, his name then became PHOE GA DONE. Today when we visit, PHOE GA DONE village near east of Phyu about 138 miles north of Rangoon we can see the stone inscription.

   Here is family tree of PHOE GA DONE :